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How does this work? An easy way to understand it is to think about the steps that you took to find us. This is the same way most of our clients find us.. You most likely went to Google, Yahoo or Bing because you were looking for lead generation system and or marketing. You typed in a keyword that related to leads or marketing on the internet as well, and when you entered your keyword into the search engine, that keyword showed our ad on page one of search results. When you clicked on our ad, we paid a cost-per-click to the search engine, in exchange for them putting our ad on page one for your keyword search that we want to be shown for. You were brought directly to a landing page that was relevant to your search, and that page gave a clear “call-to-action” that directed you to call us, or fill out the form to have one of our experts contact you.

Our Marketing Coaches know how to get you calls from where people search online

  • Your Business Appears in Sponsored Listings Section On The first Page of the search engines
  • We bid on the keywords that describe what you sell, you get immediate results.
  • You Build You A Relationship with Google and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates.
    We set up your Google and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates account and select the right keywords, write ads that Google and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates approves of, and do all the necessary steps to get your business to appear on the first page of the sponsored results section.


How We Do It

We start by gaining knowledge from you what you want to sell and where you want to market it.

We aren't your normal internet marketing company. We know you’re unique. Marketing all starts with setting goals and objectives, our Marketing Coach’s work with you directly to make sure we understand exactly what you want to sell and where and your target market.

Then we find the keywords people use most when they search for what you want to sell.

We research to figure out what keywords people actually use when they are searching for what you sell. This is the basis of effective online marketing. Your campaigns focus on getting your business found by people who don't know you but who need your products & services.

The next step is writing ads that Google™ and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates. approves.

The secret to SEO marketing is content. Our programmers write internet marketing SEO content that uses the words we've chosen. We do this so that Google™ search engine and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates will recognize your business when people search for what you do using those keywords.

We build you a lead generating website: a website

that promotes people to call you

On-line Internet marketing for any business is all about getting the phones to ring. The on-line website we build for you doesn't cover everything you do. It gives potential customers just enough information so that they want to contact you to learn more.

Search Engine Optimization gets Google and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates search engines to effectively get you found long term

Our Marketing Coaches develop a custom keyword strategy based on your business objectives. Our programmers discover the keywords people use when searching for your products & services in your market. We build back-links to your site to improve your search engine positioning.

Launching your Google and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates Pay-per-Click campaign

helps get leads to come in!

Your business on-line internet marketing campaigns includes paid advertising. We create and launch paid campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all 5000+ affiliate search engines. We focus on all variations of the keywords we selected, we create marquee ads, and we bid appropriately to make sure your business is positioned. This, done properly, is the best avenue to get results in business on-line internet marketing.

We fine tune your advertising over time to get more and more potential customers to contact you

Most internet marketing companies set it and forget it. Our goal as a internet marketing firm is to get you the most out of your advertising.


Why You Need It

  • Get the right potential customers

  • Your customized online marketing program gets you the type of business you want.

  • Turn web visitors into leads

  • A conversion website makes prospects not only find you, but contact you.

  • Gain More Exposure

  • Top search engine rankings help your business come up wherever and however people search.

  • Talk to One Marketing Coach

  • You have a dedicated Marketing Coach that knows you, your business, and your objectives.

  • Keeps Getting Better

  • Ongoing campaign optimization means we fine tune every day to make your advertising gets better and better.

  • Drive Predictable Results

  • Love It or Leave It

  • Flexibility and scalability lets you control your budget. Even better, no long term contracts.

What You Get


On-line Internet marketing, SEO and more!

Search Engine Optimization

  • Competitive  Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis by our Marketing Coach Team
  • Custom Ad Content written for you by professionals
  • Back Link Building
  • Keyword Ranking Reports and Analytics from Google and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates.

Paid Advertising Campaign

  • Google™, and or Yahoo/Bing and their affiliates.
  • Keyword Selection
  • Custom Written Marquees
  • Pay Per Click Bid Management
  • Lead Capture Database

Local Optimization

  • Geo-targeting for your campaigns
  • Category Creation
  • Quality Review Monitoring
  • Performance Fine tuning

Dedicated Account Management

  • Budget adjustments
  • Ongoing Performance Reviews
  • Single Point of Contact
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